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Tree Surgery

Growth Reduction - Overall reduction of the crown of the tree which is achieved by a reduction in the foliage and reduction and reshaping of the crown, this is applied because you need to reduce the weight of the tree for safetly reasons, if the tree has outgrown the position where it is planted.

Crown Thinning - This is a process to extract all weak, damaged and dead branches from the crown of the tree for safety purposes and also to allow more light through to the trees crown.

Crown Lifting - This process is achieved by removing the lower branches; giving you more room under the tree and is another process which allows more light.

Planning - Before any work is carried out on any tree it is necessary to check that the trees are not subject to Tree Preservation Orders(TPO) or are situated in a conservation area as written permission is needed from the local authority before any work can commence. We can provided this information and also apply on your behalf for any permission.

Tree Felling including Sectional Dismantling

Removal of a tree is often necessary if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous this can be felled as a whole or done in smaller sections depending where on the location of the tree being removed.

Stump Grinding

This is removal of the stump of the tree after felling ie: removing the root ball as well as the tree above ground.

Seasoned Firewood Supplier

Our timber is a recycled waste product from essential tree surgery and felling and is a mixture of hard and softwood. We never purchse standing timber to cut down soley for the purpose of firewood. The timber is  stacked and left to naturally season in the open air for a minimum of 2 years , mositure levels are checked before delivery. Due to new goverment legislation which came into effect on 1st May 2021 the minimum size delivery is 2 cubic M. Please call for prices and delivery availability.


Woodturning Blanks


We have a wide range of assorted woodturning and carving blanks for all projects from Oak, Elm, Walnut, Holly, Yew, Sycamore, Hornbeam, Laburnhum, Lilac, Fruit woods, Hawthorn. We can supply any size or shape, call to discuss your requirements.


Site Clearance

We guarantee if required that the felled wood will be shredded and taken away and the site cleared.

Woodchip & Garden Mulch Suppliers

We supply woodchip mulch for gardening and other uses; depending upon the quanity required delivery can be arranged.

Tree Planting

We are happy to undertake all tree planting projects large or small.

Hedge Cutting

All hedge cutting and shaping work undertaken.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Availabe for storm or heat damage causing timber to fall, please see contact us for emergency telephone contact details.

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